Obituary Writing

When a loved one passes away, our world is forever changed. Writing and publishing an obituary is an important part of the grieving process.



Appointment of Agent

Texas law determines who can make decisions about funerals and body disposition. Powers of attorney do not survive death. In Texas you must name the person who will carry out your funeral arrangements and control your deposition.



Transferring Prepaid service

If your loved one no longer needs the services of a particular funeral home, Contact us at Merit Memorial and we will contact that funeral home to transfer that policy to us so that it can be used. Let us call the funeral home for you and ensure that we have a viable policy.



Comparing Cremation Costs

Cremations are not nearly as profitable as burials for funeral homes so make sure you compare costs and services before choosing cremation care. You are able to have any of the services that we offer even if you would like to have a memorial for your loved one.




In the state of Texas you are allowed to bury someone who is deceased before the doctor signs the death certificate. You are, however, not allowed to cremate anyone who is deceased until the doctor signs the death certificate in the state of Texas. The doctor is given 7 days to sign the death certificate in Texas which creates a situation of your funeral home being in a waiting period until the doctor signs it.