What if I have a Prepaid Policy with another Funeral Home?

This question all depends on what you are wanting to do as a family for your loved one. If you are wanting the funeral home your loved one purchased a funeral from to still handle all of the services, then you would call them and they would handle getting a Mortuary Service here in the area to assist them.

If your loved one no longer lives in that area you do not need the services of that funeral home, then you would tell us and we would contact that funeral home to transfer that policy to us so that it can be used. We would call the funeral home for you, ensure that we have a viable policy and if there is any remainder left it will go to the family. In most cases there is never an issue with this, that in the event the pre-need could not cover all of the charges the family would be responsible for paying the remainder that the pre-arranged funeral did not cover.

Is my loved ones pre-need funeral transferable to you?

In most cases the answer is yes. We have to take the information the family gives us and call the funeral home that they purchased it from. Most pre-need funerals freeze the price of the funeral costs of the funeral home that wrote the contract. This is one of the reasons that most people choose to purchase a pre-need funeral. When you transfer that pre-need funeral to another Funeral Home they can choose to guarantee everything that was on the contract or not. They do not have to guarantee it since they were not the original funeral home signing the pre-need.

We view them on a case-by-case basis but most all of the time we are able to accommodate a family that had a previous policy.