Compare Cremation Cost

  • Why is there such a difference in cremation cost between funeral homes?

Many families today are choosing cremation over burial. Cremations are not nearly as profitable as burials for funeral homes so they have no choice other than to try and make up the difference in their pricing. Merit Memorial was created to serve the community with fair pricing. With the decades of experience that we have here we feel that we give the greatest service and compassion anyone could ask for during such a difficult time. We also feel that everyone in the community needs to be treated with the highest dignity and respect no matter what your means might be.

  • If I wanted to do a burial can you help me with finding a space for my loved one?

Yes we can. we work with Sunil all of the cemeteries in the metroplex and beyond and have no problem going the extra miles to find you a barrel space if needed. Many times it is easier for a family to have us call a Cemetery and ask all of the questions, especially when they do not have the space.

  • If we choose cremation are we able to have a service?

This question is asked by many of the families we help. You are able to have any of the services that we offer even if you choose cremation. You may have a viewing or a full Funeral Service,even a mass and a rosary if you choose. It is important to know that cremation is just the means of disposition of your loved one and has no bearing on what options you would like to choose to memorialize your loved one.